What is the best carpet?

The best carpet depends on your lifestyle. Consider the following:

    Do you have a family that spends a lot of time at home?
    What are the high traffic areas around your home?
    What is the likelihood of staining (from mud, food, etc)?
    Do you have pets?
    Do you want to create a certain style?
    What is your budget?


Which is better: wool or synthetic carpet?

Both fibre types have great characteristics; neither fibre type is better than the other. A quality carpet is made with superior materials through a well-monitored manufacturing process using the latest technology. This level of craftsmanship will produce a carpet that offers maximum performance.


How do I find a great carpet?

You can check the quality of the carpet from its independent grading. The main bodies that relate to New Zealand are the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS) and the Woolmark/Woolblend Mark Scheme. and


How wide is carpet?

The standard width for carpet in New Zealand is 3.66 metres; however, some styles of carpet are produced in widths of 4 metres.


Do you need a special vacuum cleaner for different styles of carpet?

We recommend you use a different vacuum cleaner for different carpet styles. For low cut pile carpets, we suggest a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush that agitates the pile and loosens the soil for easier carpet maintenance. When vacuuming loop pile, cut-loop pile or berber carpet, we recommend that you turn the brush off or change the head to prevent excess fuzzing. For thicker carpets with a higher pile, the height of beaters may be raised and/or suction level reduced to make vacuuming easier.


Do I need stain protection on wool carpets?

NO! Wool carpet has a natural ability to resist dirt, stains and spills.

Do I need stain protection on wool carpets?

NO! Wool carpet has a natural ability to resist dirt, stains and spills.


Why can the colour of carpet look different at home?

Lighting can change your perception of carpet colour, making it look like particular areas are lighter or darker than others. The lighting environment between a carpet retail store and your home may also vary, therefore we recommend that you take a sample of carpet and view it in your home for colour before making your final purchasing decision. Also, during use, pressure on carpet pile causes the pile to lie in different directions creating the effect of “shading”. This shading is a characteristic of cut-pile carpets (particularly solid colour). Though on occasions dramatically affecting appearance, it has no detrimental effect on the performance of the carpet.


Will the colour of my carpet fade over time?

Carpets, like all dyed textiles, will slowly lose colour over time when exposed to direct sunlight; therefore, it should be protected from prolonged periods of direct sunlight. Colour change can also occur when carpet is exposed to ozone, emissions from heating fuels and air conditioners, pesticides, cleaning agents, benzoyl peroxide and other household items. This occurrence, known as ozone damage, is largely unexplained but appears to be more prevalent in coastal areas with a high ultra-violet content.

Some of our products have improved fade resistance.


Does having carpet in a house increase airborne dust levels, thus increasing risk to people suffering from asthma and other dust-related allergies?

It has yet to be proven that there is a significant increase in the levels of airborne dust between carpeted and non-carpeted homes. More significantly, there is a misapprehension that having carpet in the home will increase in the exposure to dust mite allergens when in fact there are a range of other triggers in the home that can increase exposure and cause a respiratory reaction. The Carpet Institute of Australia has provided an information sheet to assist consumers to better understand the issues related to Allergens in the home. Please visit their website here.


What does DPF stand for and what does it mean?

DPF (Decitex Per Filament): Unit of measure for the linear mass density of carpet fibres, defined as the mass in grams per 1000 meters. The lower the DPF, the higher the number of fibres per filament and the softer the carpet.

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