Your new vinyl flooring is maintained in the correct way they will perform for many years. The frequency of maintenance is completely dependent on the room, colour, design and of course intensity, of everyday use.


General Recommendations

  • It is advisable to vacuum your floor daily or remove dust and dirt with a soft brush
  • For more intensive maintenance, clean the floor with warm water and mild detergent
  • Always use clean water
  • Chemical solvents are prohibited because they affect the gloss
  • Never use undiluted bleach or leave a dilution of bleach and water for too long on the floor
  • A neutral cleaner should always be used (mid table PH 3-5)


Maintenance Tips

  • Tips to help prevent some of the most common problems:
  • Where possible use furniture with broad legs or large castors
  • Use protections pads on furniture with sharp edges or legs. This protection used should not contain bitumen which causes indelible brown stains
  • Faulty castors and sharp edges should immediately be removed
  • Burning cigarettes and matches can cause irrepairable damage to the floor
  • The use of doormats (without bitumen) is recommended to keep out most of the dirt and dust
  • These vinyls are resistant to most fluids. In case of most spillages it is normally sufficient to remove them immediately with a damp cloth
  • The use of stiletto heels is not recommended. These can cause irrepairable damage.
  • Strong direct sunlight can cause colour changes, therefore it is recommended to protect the flooring from direct sunlight.
  • Never move or drag heavy furniture or heavy appliances across the surface of the flooring. The use of wheels or gliding mats is strongly recommended
  • A steam mop should never be used on your vinyl as this will void all warranties


Rubber Migration

Rubber Migration (sometimes referred to as Plastriciser Migration) is a condition that can cause vinyl to discolour. It is caused by rubber or latex products, eg rubber or latex-soled slippers, shoes with rubber-backed mats, coming into contact with the vinyl over a constant period of time. It is not manufacturing or an installation fault and therefore is not covered by any warranties.

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